Our Podcasts

Our featured shows will have fresh, regularly updated content, a catchy title and artwork, a parental rating and notes that are spell checked and grammatically correct. Not too much to ask, is it?

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Our Forte

We provide a comfortable ambient space for our clients; direct the recording; edit the conversation, include an intro and outro; an MP3 for client approval; complete the program with an MP3 deliverable.

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Our Metier

A decade of podcasting, we look for new adventures in art, film and music event programming that includes writing, music supervisor, marketing + promotions; building audiences with an eye on analytics.

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What’s a PODCAST? The underlying TECHNOLOGY used for podcasts is RSS (Really Simple Syndication), a FEED for any type of media besides audio. Audiences SUBSCRIBE to a podcast to get NEW EPISODES automatically. Podcasts are publishing XML files which contain references to media called ENCLOSURES sent to a website. Podcast AGGREGATORS are often referred to as PODCATCHERS that read XML files and DOWNLOAD all the linked enclosures.

Unlike RADIO (terrestrial and internet), podcasts are TIME-SHIFTED– listeners have control over when and where they hear their FAVORITE programming. They can have designated DESTINATIONS such as iTunes or other subscriber-based distributors making the latest updates readily AVAILABLE offering the same freedom audiences are familiar with when listening to their own personal music collections.

Tell Your STORY

We take the time to KNOW OUR CLIENTS– how you speak, the anecdotes you tell, the business of being. We manage the pace, the intro/outro, CREATING an inviting narrative that keeps your audiences coming back for MORE EPISODES.

Our company PHILOSOPHY (just keep it short), we don't really have one because we stay true to our demand for the best quality, our commitment to excellence, our love for the arts. We are the company, so that's our philosophy.

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