Our Vision

We are artists. Our work requires an on-demand, creative approach, precision, great execution and attention to detail, staying  focused on the priorities with high quality always at the forefront. Our comfortably ambient work environment is conducive for creative breakaways.

Re-imagined, re-thought re-wound.  Yuri takes care of SOUND. As a producer, I make it a safe and solid place for your show.

Meet the Team

we LOVE what we do–
Finding ways to search and rescue the static listening boundaries that have been artificially set.

Christina Kotlar

Writer + Storyteller

Christina is an outgoing social butterfly who loves to strike up conversations with strangers, entertain and host parties with people from different ends of the earth.

Yuri Turchyn

Musician + Sound Magician

Yuri is a poet that introspectively concentrates on his songwriting, music, performances and the best way to tune a room. His acoustic audio skills create sound sculptures.



As long as there's enough cat food and catnip around she couldn't care less about the work going on in the recording studio. She does, on occasion, stop by and makes her presence known.

Next Steps...

We can answer your questions and show you the way. Drop Nell a note.