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Our Team

Over a decade of podcast production, four decades in music performance and audio engineering. We are risk takers and search out new adventures and challenges in art, film and music event programming that includes creative development, music supervision, marketing + promotions.

Christina's BDParty
Writer + Storyteller

Christina Kotlar

Musician + Sound Magician

Yuri Turchyn

CFO + Security


Christina is an outgoing social butterfly who loves art of conversation, hosts and attends gatherings and events with people from different ends of the earth coming together .

Yuri is a poet that introspectively concentrates on his songwriting, music, performances and the best way to tune a room. Natural acoustic audio skills create unique sound sculptures.

If there’s someone who can explain anything, Nell is the one as long as there’s enough cat food. Busy as she is, Nell on occasion, stops by the studio making  her presence known.


Well over a decade since I started Film Festival reViews and my podcast love for independent
and art house films, film making, live music performance, music in film, the film festival circuit and festival operations, including marketing a movie strategy that keeps on going.

We Are Artists

Our work requires an on-demand, creative approach, precision, great execution and attention to detail, staying focused on the priorities with high quality always at the forefront. Our comfortably ambient work environment is conducive for creative breakaways.


Performing all my life, I take pride in playing the best for every performance and recording the best sound possible. As an audio engineer, session musician and producer, I bring an internal sensibility to the project however it starts until its completed evolvement.