Making a Movie

A 40-years-ago time capsule culminating in an intimate translation of what Jersey’s Own music scene was like in the 1970s. Original B+W video taken by the Capitol Theatre stage crew steeping in authenticity, where the ambiance of live performance was the essence of creative efforts by the band, Kinderhook (Creek), John Scher, and his amazing stage crew and front office. Many diehards continue celebrating with an annual Capitol Theatre reunion coming up September 15, 2018. This short music documentary was accepted in the Music Legacy Documentary category at the 2018 Asbury Park Music+Film Festival, Asbury Park, New Jersey. In a nutshell... Riding high in the turbulent 1970s, New Jersey’s homegrown country rock band, Kinderhook unknowingly parallels the rise of Bruce Springsteen. The band’s premiere at Rutgers College campus gigs and local dives evolved; opening shows for headlining acts during the heyday of the Capitol Theatre Passaic, New Jersey under John Scher's direction. Hailed as the next great band to come out of New Jersey, Jersey's own Kinderhook (Creek) never got a record deal. Undermined by circumstances and eventualities, both Capitol Theatre and Kinderhook peaked and ebbed during a tumultuous time of unprecedented music access followed by corporations taking over the music industry, marking an end of an era. Back in the day, Kinderhook knew how to draw a crowd; working it at times into a feverish pitch or as famous music critic Robert Palmer of The New York Times, wrote in 1976 “the sextet has ample original material, much of it country-flavored, 
 some of it exceptionally infectious.”
 Yuri Turchyn, along with his band mates, witnessed many upheavals…

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