Podcast Producer – Leading and managing the creating of what appears to be a seemingly casual conversation yet capturing a sophisticated direction for where the storytelling takes the listening audience. Writing, Overseeing Program Direction, Audio Recording and Editing, Sound Design, Intro/Outro, Original Music, MP3 Deliverable.

Film Festival reViews (2006-Present) Host, Christina Kotlar has been on the film festival trail and worldwide circuit since 2006 when she was Managing Editor of Film Festival Reporter quarterly updating the film festival schedule. Early years include navigating the new technology of digital recording, capturing interviews on a Radio Shack mini digital recorder, Snowball Blue mic, uploading to her MacBook Pro and editing in Garage Band. Nevermind the RSS feed, iTunes gatekeepers and less than stellar technical support from the Apple Store’s Genius Bar. Mastering the Art of the Film Festival Experience is the key to her continuous appreciation for independent and art house films especially when seen in historic theaters.

Fort Lee: Film Town USA (2017) Fort Lee Film Commission Chairman, Nelson Page and Executive Director, Tom Meyers take the conversation from the neighborhood of the past with early insights of the first film town in America where independent filmmakers came out and built an American industry that employed thousands in a local, prosperous economy. Their aim is to bring back the spirit of those pioneers into this day and age with the opening of the Barrymore Film Center in Fort Lee, NJ in 2020.

First Online With Fran (2018) Fran McGarry found her calling in the Arts and shares it with her listeners with the enthusiasm she normally exudes as actor, stage performer, PHD in theater education and all around gregarious person to have a conversation with.

The Permafrost Tapes (2018) Christina Kotlar and Yuri Turchyn’s conversations of four decades since Yuri’s days as a founding member of country rock Kinderhook, his formative years following turbulent music industry times, as an original singer/songwriter. His work was recorded on a Fostex recording mixer on cassette tapes. After Hurricane Irene flooded his storage unit in 2011, the only way to save them was to stash them into a freezer. Four years later, the trove was defrosted in a stackable food dehydrator. All tapes survived the ordeal.