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In studio or on site remote location audio recording, editing to finished product, assessing and adapting to the situation.

Producer Support

Research and content development making the story arc fit the episodes contained withing the podcast identity parameters– informational, interview, series.

Sound Design

Making the music count just as important as the project, where it comes from and where it goes. Music composed, mixed and mastered.

Podcast Support

Recommendations for hosting podcasts including website, directories and podcatchers, streaming, marketing and social media.


International globetrotting had Christina in the Republic of Georgia. Yuri performs regularly in Italy. Ethno musicologist and traditional Ukrainian singing.


No matter what the project entails, we know how to get it done and making it the highest quality with added value recommendations.

We can help you with...

Producing 100%
Content+Design 90%
WordPress 85%
Music Score+Recording 100%

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